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The Method


Policy Pear features concise, pointed summaries of important events and topics in the modern world.

Articles are separated into three main sections-  the players, the background, and the story- in order to present a comprehensive picture.

These articles are not meant to tell the whole story, they are meant to peak the reader's interest, and to help the reader understand the basics of each situation

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The Mission

The mission of Policy Pear is two-fold. 

First, it aims to constantly expand its network of writers, from avid global nomads to experts in the field. To foster conversation and share a variety of perspectives on pressing international relations issues of today.

Secondly, its solution platform, Pulse, is a hub for organizations with innovative solutions and targeted goals to share their practices, solutions, and insights. 

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The Founder


Lina Abisoghomyan

Global nomad and FOunder

Lina Abisoghomyan is a student at American University majoring in International Studies, with a primary concentration in Foreign Policy and National Security, and a secondary concentration in International Political Economy. She is an aspiring diplomat and negotiator, and brings a wide variety of experience from both the public and private sectors specifically in areas of foreign relations, economic development, and national security. She has previously held positions at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium and in Washington, DC at the Creative Associates, The International Trade Commission, Signal Group Lobbying, The Hudson Institute, and the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and The United States Agency of International Development (USAID). 

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The Team

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Jacob Atkins 


Jacob Atkins is a recent graduate from American University with a degree in Journalism and International Studies. Currently, he is preparing to move to Murcia, Spain where he will be teaching English as well as freelance writing. Previously he has reported from Chile, Ecuador and Haiti, in addition to being published with News2Share, Revista Revolver, and The Times Record. In collaboration with Policy Pear, Jacob is looking forward to covering EU politics and Middle Eastern affairs. 

Abboud Al-Thelab


Abboud Al-Thelab is a Christian from Syria, writing to show others of the ongoing genocide that is happening there by radical Islamic groups.  He uses a pseudonym, which translates from Arabic as Abboud the Student, as protection from such groups. 

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Duaa Amina Noor


Duaa Amina Noor is a recent graduate from the Lahore University of Management Sciences in Lahore, Pakistan. Having studied Economics & Politics in her undergraduate program, she now aims to attain experience in the research and development sector in order to kick start her career and narrow down what she can pursue her further education in. She is passionate about animal welfare, the environment, photography, traveling and art. 


Niall Patrick


Niall Patrick is expanding his knowledge of public relations and marketing to provide businesses with a positive and successful public image. He translates his experiences of being a journalist for school publications to market content efficiently and effectively. He was a writer for The Rival at American University and video editor for The Viking Sports Magazine at Palo Alto High School.


Stephen Alexander


Stephen Alexander is a Financial Economics major at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, interested in fiscal policy and general news about the economy. 

Lauren Fay

Journalist Intern

Lauren Fay is currently pursuing a dual degree at American University in International Studies and Economics. She has always been passionate about writing and international relations and hopes to combine these interests writing for Policy Pear. With Policy Pear she is excited to foster conversations and inform people about important issues worldwide. 

Raymond Sison


Raymond Sison is a sophomore at American University attending the School of International Service with a thematic focus in Global Governance and International Development. Over the course of his academic and professional career, he has worked with multiple NGOs and non-profits such as the Let it Be Foundation and Amnesty International. Over the past year and a half, he has done extensive research on the European Migrant Crisis as well as the Syrian Civil War.  With Policy Pear, he hopes to foster a more concerned and informed international community that can better address the crises the world faces today.

Terrez Deaibes


Terrez "Tess" Deaibes is currently a sophomore in the School of International Service at American University, focusing onInternational Development. She is avidly passionate about international relations and foreign policy, and works within various campus groups and student government organizations in order to highlight international issues on her campus. She is excited to continue fostering a conversation about global issues and hopes to be able to bring the focus to issues that are close to her heart.

Samantha Young


Samantha Young is currently studying Environmental Sustainability and Global Health in the School of International Service at American University. She has always had a passion for writing and currently contributes to The Rival at AU as well as writing music reviews for WVAU, American University’s student radio station. With Policy Pear, she hopes to combine her passions in creating a space for thought provoking discussion on international relations.


Henock Yilma


Henock Yilma is an undergraduate student at American University focusing in International Development and Human Rights. He has worked with microfinance organization FINCA International and is currently in Nairobi, Kenya working with the urban development NGO Umande Trust. His interests include rural and urban development along with migration and refugee studies, sharing a particular passion for issues affecting Africa and its diaspora. With Policy Pear, he hopes to use his passion for media as a means of positively contributing to the global development narrative.

Tam Kemabonta


Tam Kemabonta is a writer from Nigeria. His interests include: international development, humanitarian and emergency relief, Institutional corruption, Energy and Environmental policy, African politics and Foreign policy.  He has also written for ConnectNigeria, The Naked Convos and Pride magazine