Empowering Women in the Liberian Workplace: A Case Study of Gender Integration on the Kwendin Biomass Energy Project

Original content provided by Stable Outcomes
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The Players

Kwendin Village, Nimba County- A small village located in the central North region of Liberia.

Stable Outcomes- A capacity building firm that identifies a means and a mechanism of re-stabilizing communities post-conflict and post-disaster. 

Courtesy of Stable Outcomes

Courtesy of Stable Outcomes


The Background

Recently, my team and I were asked to document how we were able to effectively include women on projects in rural Liberia, where our female staff are working in non-traditional roles seamlessly alongside their male counterparts. We would like to share this information with our colleagues across the world to use in their endeavors. 

Courtesy of Stable Outcomes

Courtesy of Stable Outcomes


The Story

Stable Outcomes is an organization that works on projects in Africa. They recently have been trying to include women on these projects to provide examples of how they work alongside the men. In Liberia they are working to integrate women into their energy project. For the Kwendin Biomass Energy project, in Kwendin, Nimba, Stable Outcomes have been working to guide personnel to hire women in skilled labor positions. They were able to achieve their goal of showing that women can work alongside men. 

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