Janiece Marquez

Founder of Stable Outcomes

Janiece was a pioneer in women’s integration into military Special Forces, serving on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border with Green Berets as a fluent Pashto-speaking liaison to women and children. On returning to the US, she trained other ambitious servicewomen to prepare themselves for the rigors of combat, and taught the complexities of Pashto at the Defense Language Institute. Her work in the Afghan War, the Colombian peace process, and the Ebola epidemic has garnered her coverage on NPR’s All Things Considered, C-SPAN, the Washington Post and Times, and Mother Jones. At age 26, fed up with the bureaucratic tangles of government service, she left school and a stable 9-5 desk job to form Stable Outcomes.


Greg Kerr

President of Stable Outcomes

Greg is a seasoned Pentagon foreign policy analyst with two deployments to Iraq and three to Afghanistan. A fluent Portuguese speaker, Greg spent two years working in the Amazon before joining the Marines and later the Pentagon, where he worked in nearly every Middle Eastern country and was twice evacuated from US Embassy in Cairo during the Arab Spring. His career has taken him everywhere from working in rural Afghan villages alongside Navy SEALs, to interviewing shopkeepers in rural Africa, to briefing senators on Capitol Hill.



Director of Program Development at Stable Outcomes

Boris graduated from UW Seattle at the age of 19, and his drive for unusual experiences sent him to rural Paraguay for NGO projects, into the US Marines and two unexpected wars, and everywhere from Newfoundland to Portugal to teach and learn about folk music. He is ranked among the Top 400 most-prolific English Wikipedia editors globally, and speaks seven languages. Boris spearheaded rural redevelopment programs during the Iraq War, and later moved to the Pentagon where he shaped US policy on ethnic and tribal issues in Afghanistan.