What does it mean to be a Policy Pear intern?

Being an intern at Policy Pear is a chance to be part of a network of journalists, bloggers, photographers, scholars, travelers, and other IR enthusiasts with a passion for any kind of media to bring together the fragments of the bigger picture.

The role of interns is to build the Policy Pear community by educating  the forum of international readers on various international issues using their own talents, interests, and skill set.

How much commitment does it require?

That is entirely up to you. Being a Policy Pear intern is necessitated to be a full time job, it's what you make out of it! The idea is to be a curious IR thinker and contribute that curiosity to the Policy Pear forum in any form of media that fits your passion. Reading a particularly interesting news article? Write a short article about your thoughts. Happen to be at an embassy event and snap a cool picture? Share it!

Why would I want to do this?

You'll have something to point to as your own. Your writing, your photo, your idea; shared, discussed, integrated into a larger conversation. You'll have a profile with your name and bio that's on an external website you contribute to, and not a generic LinkedIn. You'll be Google-able beyond just your Facebook. Think of it as a group chat but on a website with other like-minded thinkers.


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