Netanyahu on Iran: Don't do it, America!

Original content created by Lina Abisoghomyan
Photo Credit: Ynet News

Photo Credit: Ynet News


Iran- has been working closely with Pakistan to develop nuclear weapons. Iran has centrifuges that are capable of creating weapons grade uranium. 

Israel- a staunch US ally, Israel is currently the only country in the immediate Middle Eastern region to possess nuclear capabilities. The power that comes with the prestige is undeniable, but the official argument is that Iran cannot be trusted. 

USA- a lot less stringent on the type of deal that is needed, mostly looking to diffuse the situation than definitively solve it. The main goal is to prevent concerning amounts of weapons-grade uranium to be produced.


Iran has long since been working towards achieving nuclear abilities. Most recently, there has been buzz over the disturbing amount of weapons- grade uranium being produced or at least having the potential to be produced. Iran has multiple times threatened to "wipe Israel off the map", so it is no surprise that Netanyahu went all the way to Washington to push for its nuclear disarmament. The US is similarly against Iranian nuclear capabilities, but has not been as stringent with its expectations. Current peace talks have been dragged out, deadlines have been extended, but so far no conclusive deals have been made. 


March 3, 2015; A direct summary of the main points:

Netanyahu brings up anti-Semitism as an incentive for the Iranians to target Israel should they have the capability to do so, specifically mentioning Hezbollah as a primary example of that mentality. Netanyahu demonizes the Iranian regime of “religious zealots” as a contrast to the shining American value of life and liberty, equating Iran with ISIS by defining the two as competitors for radical Islam. Netanyahu compares Iran with North Korea in being secretive about its nuclear development program, and insists that the current deal is an incredibly short term delay rather than a final solution. He argues that Iran’s “radical regime” is to be feared, and not to be looked at in hopes for change. Netanyahu’s suggestion of three conditions before the US lifting any kind of restrictions on Iran: “ [seeing] that Iran stop its aggression against its neighbors in the Middle East… [seeing that it has stopped] supporting terrorism around the world… [and, seeing that it has stopped] threatening to annihilate… Israel.” Netanyahu assures Congress that even if Iran were to be upset by the US being so strict with them and left the negotiating table, they would have to come back at some point anyway.