Turkey steps up after ISIS attacks inside their borders

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Photo Credit: RT news

The town of Suruç shown in relation to the town of Kobani


ISIS- has and has recently had a very heavy presence in Syria, particularly at the border of Syria and Turkey, having terrorized the Kurdish population living on the Turkish side of the border, along with the town of Kobani on the Syrian side with no Turkish intervention. ISIS was able to get Turkey's attention by bombing inside its borders, targeting people headed to support victimized children in Kobani.

Turkish government- while Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu insists that Turkey does not support terrorism. Turkey has been hosting close to 2 million Syrian refugees that have fled from ISIS. It has also more recently cracked down domestically on homegrown terrorists and infiltrators. 

Victims of the bombing- the 30+ killed in the explosion believed to be the responsibility of ISIS were a group of students from the Federation of Socialist Youth Associations, a pro-Kurdish leftist group. They had gathered for a press conference in support of Kobani and were planning to help those affected by ISIS there. 

Photo Credit: Obtronique.net

Photo Credit: Obtronique.net

An F-16, fighter aircraft used in Turkey's retaliating fire upon ISIS

The Background

Turkey has long been faced international criticism for its failure to secure its 250 mile (400km) border with Syria, which has been a hotbed for ISIS defectors from around the world to enter ISIS territory and join the coalition. The threat was always very real, both for Turkey and the rest of the world. After the explosion, Turkish citizens took to the streets, urging the Justice Department to take action against ISIS. Now, Turkey has requested NATO backup in its newfound efforts.

Photo Credit: Bloomberg

Coffins of victims killed in the attack Monday on a crowd, leaving 30 dead and many more wounded

The Story

After an already tense week in the chaos of the suicide bombing that killed 30 and wounded 100 in the Turkish border town of Suruç, violence ensued with a shootout between Turkish military and ISIS Syrian-side forces leaving one Turkish soldier dead and two injured. Friday, Turkey made its first efforts to join the international efforts against ISIS and launched three F-16s at ISIS targets based in Syria. This was the first time that Turkey took the offensive, as oppose to only responding to incoming fire. Turkish official have not ruled out further attacks on ISIS, though no more have been seen since the first round.