“We’re going to die anyway, might as well die with a chance of making it to safety.”

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The Players

The migrants- Their country of origin cannot be clearly defined, however the largest bulk of people are undeniably Syrian. Other predominant countries of origin include Afghanistan and Pakistan. The journey is different for all, some traveling with their families while others pay ransoms for boat trips and some have been documented as kidnapped with a release conditional to a fine of some sort. 

The EU countries- The reactions of the countries facing staggering influxes of migrants have varied. Germany has proven to be the poster-child for the ideal final settlement location, and has welcomed hundreds of thousands of people onto its territory. Other EU countries have not seen the same numbers, but also have been affected by migrants either moving through or settling within their borders.

Eastern European countries- have, simply because of their geography, been the primary point of entry for many of the migrants coming by land through the East-most border. Hungary, particularly at the Hungarian-Serbian border has seen an overwhelming number to the point where its initially accommodating stance drastically changed to closing the border entirely and enforcing this with barbed wire fences and tear gas. 

The international observers- the international community has been buzzing with the very personal stories of migrants running from persecution and almost certainly death. Touching photographs have been circulating on news outlets and social media, however involvement has been reluctant. The Turkish President accuses the EU of turning the Mediterranean “into a cemetery”, and insists that Turkey is helping shelter the migrants as best it can but that the Europeans are not doing enough. 


The Background

The numbers are mind boggling: 12 million displaced in Syria, and 4 million fleeing into neighboring countries with hundreds of thousands who will end up in Europe, many not surviving the journey. The migration was triggered by instability in the region caused by the Syrian civil war, and most importantly, the Islamic State. 

The Story

The migration flux is a major perk for ISIS; not only are they expelling incredible amounts of 'nonbelievers' or those that simply are unwilling or able to escape their grasp, they are also destabilization of the EU as they are overwhelmed with the numbers. The entirety of the European continent is in a type of pandemonium; so many people are border-hopping, locals are divided over the migrants entering their home countries, and the migrants are desperately pushing through sometimes violent situations involving forceful police involvement.

There are regulations in place for such cases, such as the Dublin regulation, which  prescribes that the country where one enters a Schengen country should the the one playing the largest role in the legal process of their presence there. This is so that, ideally, multiple EU countries don’t have to be involved in the movement of an individual. But the system is simply not working as some Mediterranean border countries like Italy and Greece are getting the largest load of migrants because of their geographically coastal location. 

The Schengen countries have had increasing concerns with internal border crossing by these migrants, many of whom go by undocumented as on Saturday when Hungary's overwhelmed system transferred as many as 10,000 migrants to Austria. 



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